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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Socially Conscious

Still searching for a few mindful gifts to finish out your holiday shopping? We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite gifts that give back! Check out these beauties and feel good about the impact your dollars are making this holiday season!

1) Statement Earrings

Actions speak louder than words. Brave donates 50% of their profits to BABES, supporting at-risk teens going through pregnancy. Plus, how gorgeous are these dangles? Handmade by a small team in Singapore, the collections are the perfect accessory for the stylish woman in your circle.

Shop BRAVE at our Haji Lane or Kreta Ayer salons

2) The Perfect #Lifehack

We can’t remember life before zipper pouches – they’re like the sophisticated, eco-friendly answer to Ziploc bags. We keep on-the-go mani-kits, travel essentials, notes and other essentials safely tucked away in these zipper clutches from Indiemama. Indiemama is a social enterprise that provides flexible training and employment to stay-home mums, so that they can earn an income while still being able to fulfill their commitments at home.

Shop INDIEMAMA at our Kreta Ayer branch

3) Beaded Baubles

Gorgeous enough to leave up all year round, these delicate glass beaded ornaments are hand-sewn in West Java. Founded on the principle that the disadvantaged need tools to succeed, not hand-outs, Sauyunan Handicrafts provides the families of West Java training, life skills development, design and marketing assistance so they can create, sell and provide for themselves.

Shop SAUYUNAN HANDICRAFTS at our Kreta Ayer branch

4) Mood Lighting

Gift a little zen with light, fresh scents inspired by the Riau Islands of Indonesia. Made with high quality essential oils and wax blends, these candles are locally sourced with 100% of the proceeds going directly to The Seed Basket, a non-profit working to link communities rich in training and technology with resource-poor communities in Southeast Asia.

Shop RIAU CANDLES at our Haji Lane and Kreta Ayer salons

5) Non-toxic Polish

(Of course!) Used in our salons, COAT’s 8-free formula is safe for expecting moms and kids, it’s cruelty-free and vegan friendly. We love their quick drying polishes for a long-lasting, chip resistant manicure that's good for the environment and the nails!

Shop COAT at our Haji Lane and Kreta Ayer salons

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