vocational training

The Nail Social's Vocational Training and Employment Programme was designed to provide access to professional skills training in order to foster the future employment opportunities of local marginalized women.

In partnership with The Pink Room International Nail Academy, we network with various social agencies in Singapore to identify local women who face greater barriers of entry to employment. This can range from members of a low-income family, the uneducated, single mothers or ex-offenders. These women are then enrolled in a Professional Manicurist Course, which is co-sponsored by the Pink Room and The Nail Social, and suitable candidates are then offered employment to join our core team at the salon.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy is the largest nail-focused school in Singapore with over eleven years of experience. The Professional Manicurist Course which our beneficiaries undergo comprises of theory and practical sessions, from learning the science behind nail anatomy and nail diseases up to practical nail care skills training and assessments, with all classes conducted by internationally experienced nail educators.

Our social model sees the vocational trainings offered run as a business, so hands-on experience is gained by trainees, whilst a portion of profits from the salon go to sustaining the social support and services the organization offers to them. This fosters sustainability in the organization and eliminates donor dependency.

For more information on The Pink Room International Academy, please visit www.the-pinkroom.com.