Anchora Collections

ANCHORA is a jewellery and accessory store that is driven by our hope to foster a positive social impact through business, while satisfying our personal desire for beauty and wonder. Our approach to business is to alleviate global poverty and promote sustainability by supporting fair trade. We aim to educate and empower disadvantaged producers and connect them to a market, so they too can participate in global trade.


Our mission is to provide a sole for every soul.

Since 2008, our "Sole for every Soul" initiative and Souledier movement have enabled change through shopping. A portion of each sale of every Soule product goes into initiatives for children living under the poverty line and survivors of natural disasters.

Hello Flowers

Founded by Annie, a curious and idealistic individual. Trained and worked as a social worker with families with violence prior to setting up the company, she sees the need for flexible employment and recognises the therapeutic effect of flowers and nature. hello flowers! currently partners with various social service agencies to provide on-job training and ad-hoc employment to those who want to live in the moment.

SoftRock Living Collections

Offering quality alternative furniture for the sophisticated and discerning, SoftRock Living makes artisanal bean bags that elevate your seating to a new level of comfort. We meld lush fabric with the fluidity of bean bags, to provide comfort unparalleled even from designer furniture. Take a seat and try out our products at The Nail Social’s bean bag lounge in the loft.

Ashley & Co Collections

Ashley & Co is a modern day scent company that makes body products for personal use, as well as candles, diffusers and liquid soaps for home using only natural and organic ingredients. Washing hands, lighting a candle, moisturising before bed or in the car - we know these can be ritualistic moments to pique the sense and regain some semblance of connectivity with the present. From home to your adventure out and about, we’re with you all the way.


Ayelli is an eco-chic brand for hair & skin care products inspired by Morocco and its beauty rituals. Our star ingredient is the pure and USDA certified Argan oil. Our Argan oil fair trade production empowers the women who make it, and helps to protect its endangered environment. We believe in effective cosmetics with a sense of community and care for our planet.