Puro Fair-Trade Coffee & Tea

It is certainly an exciting time for the coffee industry now that consumers increasingly care about the environment and the welfare of the third world farmers; as well as developing sophisticated taste requirements.

We have proudly taken socially responsible espresso marketing two steps further with a product that combines Fairtrade certified sourcing with saving the rainforest through World Land Trust. Money from each sale of Puro coffee helps buy and protect precious rainforests and also ensures that third world growers get a fair and sustainable deal.

In partnership with the World Land Trust, already over 5,400 acres of rainforest has been bought and protected in 3 different coffee producing countries.

The Ugly Cake Shop

The Ugly Cake Shop was started by Lisa (@thelittlebowl), a serious foodie and home baker with a dream to feed the hungry - with the help of her very helpful partner, Nicholas. Armed with an oven and a mixing bowl (not little, I can assure you), she decided to used her God-given skills to spread the love to undernourished kids in Timor-Leste.

For some kids in Timor-Leste, even an egg is a delicacy. 20% of The Ugly Cake Shop's proceeds will go towards buying meat, eggs and other much-needed protein sources for the kids in Shallom School, a school set up by Brazilian missionaries and supported by Agape Baptist Church. Every baked good you purchase from The Ugly Cake Shop will help to supplement their meals!

Cafe Beyond

Cafe Beyond is run entirely by underprivileged youths and women. Through this, youth and women are provided with a hands-on training opportunity to acquire positive work attitudes as well as work skills and knowledge related to the service industry. To support this segment of residents, The Nail Social is proud to serve cakes and desserts, lovingly homemade by these women.